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Paris, subway
Paris, Boulevard de Ménilmontant
Paris, Place de l'Opéra
Paris, loggia at the Opéra Garnier
Paris, fauna at the Parc des Buttes-Chaumont
Paris, water games at the Jardin du Luxembourg
Parigi, chess at the Jardin du Luxembourg
Milano, exhibit at the Fuori Salone
Milan, National Science and Technology Museum Transport section
Milan, exhibit at the National Museum of Science and Technology
Milan, National Science and Technology Museum cloister
Milan, via Torino street
Milan, Porta Genova station
Law of least path.
Content architecture analysis : go straight to the information.
Law of hierarchical structural order.
Visual hierarchy : from the highest scale to the lowest.
Law of Google.
A picture is worth a thousand words? Not when tags and SEO are needed.
Law of compulsive taxonomy.
Classification and taxonomies : distinct vocabularies for target and content.
Law of undefined clones.
Repost and reblog : repetita iuvant?
Law of occam's razor applied to programming.
Do not do it with Javascript if you can do it with CSS.
Law of planned obsolescence.
Evolutionary adaptation : today's strategy will not be better tomorrow.
Law of the treachery of images.
Ceci n'est pas une lampe.
Law of compulsive nomenclature.
Label everything... google will be happy!
Law of defective canon.
Communication interferences : achieving curiosity and interest.
Paradox of inverse quality.
Aesthetics of ugliness? Yes, but only if you have an unmatched product.
Law of the synonymic filter.
Text consolidation : some words sometimes work... sometimes they don't.
Law of diversified optimization.
Divide et impera : the fastest pages in the west.
  • Drupal architecture

    Drupal 7 deployment

    • CMS installation on Managed Dedicated Server (MDS), Managed VPS (MVPS) or Shared Hosting (SH), within EU provider (Italy or Netherlands datacenter) or
    • Main and secondary domain configuration; hosting, subdomains and subsites (multisite) configuration.
    • Provider assistance (Lineahosting: SLA Best Effort on SH and MVPS plans or SLA Warranty on MDS plans).
    • CMS maintenance (minor and major upgrades).

    Drupal applications

    • Data classification and taxonomy (information, articles, images, goods, services, content, etc.).
    • Custom data and content creation, editing and viewing permissions
    • Users roles management and access permissions.
    • Customizable data dynamic sorting and ordering.
    • Backend private admin panels with limited access and frontend public site.
    • Friendly content editing user interface (WYSIWYG) for non technical users.
    • Google Analytics statistics and reporting configuration.
    • Multilingual site configuration and content translation management interfaces.
    • Data and content geolocation and geocoding.
    • External data import with feeds mapping (XML, HTML, JSON).
    • Drupal training, supervision and shadowing.
  • Social media supermarket

    Content editing

    • Text digitization (OCR and manual correction).
    • Text optimization and file conversion (word, excel, openoffice writer, etc.).
    • Content and data entry (Open Source CMS and proprietary platforms).
    • Multilingual content management (Italian and French mother tongue, English).

    Media editing

    • Image digitization (Photoshop and photo editing).
    • Image web optimization (desktop and mobile).
    • Video and audio embedding (youtube, vimeo, soundcloud, etc.).
    • Vector and raster graphic design.

    Framework and markup editing

    • HTML5 markup (HTML, XHTML, XML).
    • CSS3 markup.
    • Responsive framework and grid system template.
    • CSS media queries and adaptive images.
    • JQuery and Javascript libraries integration. 

    Search Engine Optimization 

    • CMS Search Engine Optimization (Drupal, Wordpress and other CM Systems).
    • Content SEO (page title, tags, open graph protocol, description, metatag, sitemap, etc.).
    • Image SEO (alt, title, description, target, etc.).
    • Video SEO (HTML embed optimization, etc.).
    • Social Media integration and delivery (Facebook, Youtube, Tumblr, etc.).
  • Content shop

    Content creation

    Content translation

    • English - Italian - English translation.
    • French - Italian - French translation.
    • English - French - English translation.
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